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- The Company, Imagine Events 139a London Road, Shardlow, Derby, Derbyshire, DE72 2HA

- The CLIENT is the person/persons responsible for booking/appointing IMAGINE EVENTS to co-operate the services outline in the agreed contract.

- The CONTRACT is an agreement made between IMAGINE EVENTS and the CLIENT.

-These TERMS AND CONDITIONS (T&C’S) are attached for both the CLIENT and COMPANY to read and agree too. This shall be governed by English Law.

- Within these T&C’S the word stock will reference any item(s) ordered. This will include, Table décor, linen, runners, chairs, chair covers, furniture, props and any other item(s) hired by the CLIENT from IMAGINE EVENTS.



- All STOCK, SERVICES and DATE OF EVENT are booked by the agreement and receipt the following:

- Initial consultation order received

- Appropriate deposit agreed and settled

- We will ensure all STOCK is agreed and ordered as necessary. If for any reason STOCK is unavailable, we will discuss this with the CLIENT and come to an alternative.

- Any changes to an order, from either the CLIENT or COMPANY need to be agreed at least 6 weeks before the date of the event.

- All STOCK is owned by the COMPANY and cannot be taken by the CLIENT after the event.



- A non-refundable payment will be taken in accordance with the payment schedule below.

-The CLIENT agrees to pay the deposit in accordance to the payment schedule outlined.

- If payments are not received in accordance with the schedule, a late payment fee of £50.00 will be charged. Interest will be charged in accordance to the Section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at the rate of 8% per annum.

- Payments that exceed 90 days overdue may result in the COMPANY suspending or cancelling the order.

- No refunds will be issued for STOCK that is returned unused.



Payments will need to be made in accordance with the payment schedule below.

Percentages detailed are in relation to the total order value.


Event date within 52+ weeks – 25% payment

Event date within 36 weeks – 50% payment

Events date within 21 weeks – 75% payment

Event date within 6 weeks – 100% payment


Event date within 52+ weeks – 50% deposit

Event date within 6 weeks -



- The CLIENT is held responsible for all STOCK from when the setup is complete, to when the COMPANY arrives to pick up.

- The COMPANY has the right to charge to CLIENT for any loss or damage of STOCK. A damages invoice will be sent to the CLIENT once all stock is checked.

- If the event is held in a temporary structured venue, for example a marquee, the COMPANY will have to do a full inspection to ensure that STOCK will not be damaged from rainfall, extreme winds or snowy conditions.



- Both the CLIENT and COMPANY will do a venue visit together, to discuss the design and check all areas for access.

- If the VENUE does not meet the requirements for a certain setup, this will be discussed between the CLIENT and COMPANY to find a solution.



- The CLIENT is strongly advised to take out suitable insurance for their event.

- The COMPANY is to ensure all STAFF and STOCK where applicable carry the correct insurance and have certificates at hand for any VENUE that requires them.

We would like to thank you for your time, and we are very much looking forward to working with you to create the event of your dreams.



Sophie Stew



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